Homegrown Grinders

Herb Grinders are the new necessity for each cutting edge smoker!

In the event that you have never utilized a processor with our homegrown buds, smokes or solids you are passing up a major opportunity. Removes the work from smoking. Our processors are for the most part top quality. We not just offer them… we utilize them! Awesome for every natural bud and solids. Sold for use with our lawful natural items as it were.

Hookahs and Shisha

Get the most out of your Smoking Experience with the world’s best water-separated channels, Hookahs! Offering sizes from little, medium, and vast, and twofold hose, utilizing a Hookah offers a perfect, crisp, water-separated smoke. You can enhance the water, or even put ice inside your Hookah to change the temperature of your home grown smoke. Attempt our Flavored Herbal Shisha!